Home Entertainment Catherine Zeta-Jones says her kids have grown up watching Om Shanti Om, calling The Lunchbox one of her favorites.

Catherine Zeta-Jones says her kids have grown up watching Om Shanti Om, calling The Lunchbox one of her favorites.

Catherine Zeta-Jones says her kids have grown up watching Om Shanti Om, calling The Lunchbox one of her favorites.


A significant appearance was made by the The film industry a couple Michael Douglas as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones at the 54th Internationally Movie Festival in India (IFFI) in Goa. He did not hesitate to mention how much he adores Om Shanti Om, starring Shah Rukh Khan, when quizzed about his favorite Indian movies. In addition, he listed The Lunchbox as one of his all-time favorite films. Also read: Dylan, his father, Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones attend IFFI, Goa. Observe)

Speaking candidly, Catherine Zeta-Jones recalled seeing movies like Om Shanti Om as well as The Lunchbox.

Which Catherine had to say about her preferred Bollywood films

Seated on the carpet in a video captured by ANI, Catherine conveyed her deep admiration for the country and its people. She expressed a profound fondness for Hindi cinema, noting how her children grew up watching ‘Om Shanti Om’ repeatedly. Despite not catching up on as many movies as she wished, Catherine highlighted the prevalent availability of streaming services and movie rentals. Among recent films, ‘The Lunchbox’ held a special place as her top favorite, impressing her with its exceptional direction and emotive impact. Despite its primarily Indian storyline, Catherine found it universally appealing to both genders, particularly resonating with her as a woman. Her admiration for the film was so immense that she viewed it twice during flights. Moreover, Catherine recounted a significant encounter she had with someone special after requesting her agent to arrange a personal meeting.

India and Catherine’s Relationship

The tale which I haven’t shared prior to was how the nation has impacted me in a very detrimental particular way,” Catherine said during a press conference, a portion of which was posted in PIB’s social media accounts. When I was eighteen months old, an Indian physician performed a tracheotomy on me, saving my life. I’m curious as to why, upon arriving in India, I experience a sense of déjà vu and boredom. and perhaps it is related in some way. I am in England thanks to the expertise of the Indian physician.

In the news conference, Michael Douglas, who was seated beside Catherine, talked about his deep affection for India, a country he has traveled to multiple times. In his letter, Michael, who will receive a Satyajit Raymond Lifetime Achievement Prize at the festival, expressed his gratitude to the festival directors for selecting him for this highly regarded honor.

At a Goa film festival on Monday, the seasoned actor was spotted in Catherine Zeta-Jones, her husband, as well as their son Dylan Douglas, posing for pictures with photographers. Michael looked great with black pants and a jacket with a dark blue print. Catherine looked ravishing in a blue dress with a white one-shoulder and stilettos.

The works of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Throughout her four-decade career, Catherine has won an Academy Award, a Tony Award, and a British Academy Film Award, making her one of Hollywood’s most respected actresses. His noteworthy motion pictures include No Reservations, Chicago, The Mask of Zorro, Ocean’s Twelve, and Traffic. She most recently made an appearance as Morticia Addams on the Netflix series Wednesday.

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