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Policy Research Boot Camp Reveals Future Leaders in Islamabad

Policy Research Boot Camp Reveals Future Leaders in Islamabad


Recently, the Leadership Pakistan School Organization, UNICEF, UNDP, as well as UNFPA organized a four-day policy study Question (PRC) training course in Islamabad. With an emphasis on adapting to climate change, the boot camp was created to assist young researchers in acquiring the abilities and knowledge required to become productive researchers and policymakers.

Twelve research teams from all over Pakistan came together for the training camp, where they picked up tricks and strategies for carrying out efficient fieldwork, understanding the policy-making process, and presenting their results to decision-makers and pertinent parties. Participants improved their abilities to provide policy data and suggestions based on research results and suggestions as well as to working on actual climate challenges.

Beyond personal development, the event provided excellent chances for networking with subject matter experts and like-minded young researchers who are passionate about having a positive impact.

Courts as well as viewers adorned the occasion in their presence as well, such as Dr. Inayat Ali, the head of the Ministry of Health Division for The community Health, Ghazala Farid, Social as well as Behavioral Change Officers that UNICEF, as well as Aftab Alam Khan, the president for resilient Future Internationally and skilled in the effects of climate change. Jahangir from UNDP (full name and qualifications), Mome Saleem, Youth Development and Participation Programming Expert, UNICEF, Fatimah, Jinnah University over Women, as well as Rabia Pasha (UNFPA + DESIGNATION)

The intensive training program for developing research proposals proved extremely valuable for us. A participant at the boot camp remarked, “The invaluable guidance from experts and practical approach were immeasurable, enabling us to generate actionable solutions for real-world issues.” Mehmoona Malik, a participant, suggests extending the duration of the boot camp for greater benefit.

Six contestants—Shahid Kamal, Abrar Roonjha, Muniza Imran Moeed, Uzair ul Haq, Muhammad Majid Ali, Memoona Malik & Shehryar Ali, Misbah Rafique as well as Amna Sajjad—were chosen as the winners out of the twelve total. The winners will receive awards totaling up to Rs. 500,000. On topics like infrastructure, building resilience to climate change through learning in schools, communities that are resilient, particularly in marginalized areas, clean water, agriculture, and medical care (mental health & SRHR), they gave presentations of their best ideas.

The Politics Studies Question Boot Camp has shown to be highly advantageous for researchers, greatly enhancing their ability to think more critically. These individuals are more than just participants; they are the industry’s future leaders. They have gained useful knowledge and skills from the bootcamp, and their capabilities have grown. – Aftab Alam Khan, CEO of resilient The future Internationally and specialist in climate change.

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