Home Business Proton Storage is ultimately a cloud storage alternative to OneDrive and Google Drive

Proton Storage is ultimately a cloud storage alternative to OneDrive and Google Drive

Proton Storage is ultimately a cloud storage alternative to OneDrive and Google Drive


The Swiss confidentiality software provider Proton now offers a variety of applications and services in addition to its probably most well-known offering, fully encrypted Proton Mail. Of course, Proton offers a calendar app, an encrypted VPN, and Proton Pass, a password management solution. However, with the Proton Drive storage service on the cloud now receiving native support on desktop hardware platforms and smartphones, the device is finally reaching a certain level of completion.

There is now native software accessible to Mac computers. (proton)

Along with apps over Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows PCs, the native application for Apple’s Mac computers is now accessible. Actually, the Mac app was released just months after the Proton Store’s initial Windows launch during the summer. The puzzle is finished. It also implies that Proton Drive is now regarded as a reliable, practical, and safe substitute for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and others. Even more so if you own a well-considered Mac computer device and are a part of the Apple device ecosystem.

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Regretfully, these most recent updates are necessary while Google fixes technical problems with Storage.

Proton Drive’s standout features involve fully encrypted cloud file syncing with all linked devices, offline file access, and—coming soon—the ability to synchronize any Mac folder with the cloud. the company Storage encrypts every file posted to the cloud storage on the device itself, in contrast to other cloud services that carry out encryption in the cloud. You can download files for local storage on both Mac and Windows computers using the software, giving you access to them even if you don’t have a connection to the internet.

The business, which is still headquartered in Switzerland but is based at CERN, offers its Mac software as an open source project that is subject to recurring privacy and security assessments by outside specialists. In an effort to create a network with greater privacy, a group of researchers at CERN (the European The organization over Nuclear power Research) collaborated to launch Proton in Switzerland in 2014. With a suite of fully encrypted apps that give the user greater privacy and data security, the rest is history.

A game about ecosystems

In the context of the larger ecosystem, Proton finds it crucial to integrate the Park puzzle. Even more so, given that it markets its services—which are more privacy-focused—as substitutes for Microsoft and Google apps. An alternative to the containers users discover themselves in—Gmail, Storage as well as Calendar, or Outlook as well as OneDrive—is to have email, cloud storage, calendaring, password management, and VPN. VPN offers Proton additional benefits. Similar to Pass, Microsoft and Google also have separate authentication systems.

the matter of cost. Depending on the chosen subscription package, use of any or all of the programs can be granted through a Proton account, unlocking features.

Proton Free offers 1GB of email inbox space and file storage, but it’s not nearly as good as the complimentary Gmail + Storage (7GB) as well as Outlook + OneDrive (5GB) levels. Available are a calendar, a VPN, and limited Pass usage. Nevertheless, Proton Unlimited, which is available for $12.99 per month (about ₹1,082), is the best option. Some of its highlights include 500GB of storage space, a 10-speed VPN connection, and built-in 2-factor authentication within Proton Pass.