Home Business Proton Drive image backups on Android with a dedicated utility operation

Proton Drive image backups on Android with a dedicated utility operation

Proton Drive image backups on Android with a dedicated utility operation


even though 2023 is coming to an end, Proton, a software company that prioritizes privacy, isn’t happy about it. They’ve had a lot going on. With the release of their new Proton Drive cloud-based storage software for macOS, Proton has solved the cloud storage software’s puzzle in the last few weeks. In addition, Proton Plus subscribers now have access to the enhanced Proton Sentinel security plan, Proton Mail has received several updates, including end-to-end encryption in Calendar and a beta app for Android and iOS.

Because Proton Drive uses end-to-end encryption, your private photos are protected from prying eyes, unlike cloud-based storage solutions offered by Big Tech. (Refer to official image)

A revision to the Proton Drive app for Android that allows video and photo backups is likely the company’s final major release of the year (we cannot be too certain, can we?). Proton Drive’s fight to become a viable cloud storage option alongside Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive gains momentum with the release of this new feature. Cloud-based video and photo backups are also supported by the three previously mentioned programs.

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Ensuring the safety and integrity of user-uploaded data on cloud storage remains a primary focus. Beyond mere backup, Proton Drive photos offer versatile usability, enabling easy access and management through alternative photo programs. The robust end-to-end encryption of Proton Drive ensures the inviolability of personal photos, even in the unlikely scenario of a compromise to the drive itself. This stands in stark contrast to the cloud storage services provided by major tech companies, as highlighted by Andy Yen, the founder, and CEO of the company.

However, this is the area where Android’s issues arise. Because of its editing features that are enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), Google Pictures for Android is a better option than Drive. Furthermore, it is true that switching from what may seem like long-standing habits such as being able to click in Google Photos as well as the Gallery app on an Android phone will not be easy, especially for Android users (for example, the company the gallery embeds One Drive sync).

It’s in which Proton Drive comes in handy as an all-around substitute for a gallery or picture app on an Android device. For example, OneDrive and Dropbox are designed primarily for backups and offer no additional features. A monthly grid view will be available on the Photos tab, the company tells HT, “offering a visually appealing and structured manner for browsing and handle pictures”. Users will find it easy to choose, download, preview, and remove images and videos thanks to this user-friendly interface. Support will be provided across all kinds of pictures, such as high-resolution ones.

But as of right now, Proton Drive lacks any tools for editing photos or videos. The ability to access your images and videos across multiple devices is the primary benefit of cloud storage, as one might anticipate.

There are both paid and free membership options available in terms of cost. You get one gigabyte of storage space with the free plan, but it will probably fill up sooner than you think. Additionally, there is the Drive Plus plan, which costs $3.99 (roughly ₹330) a month for 200 gigabytes of storage space and, as the name implies, offers you more cloud storage.

Proton’s unlimited plan, which provides storage capacity to a maximum of 500 gigabytes in Proton the Mail, Proton VPN, as well as the company Pass premium features, expenses $9.99 per month (about ₹830 per month). Up to six additional users can share the Proton Family organize, which costs approximately $19.99 (approximately ₹1,660 on a 24-month subscription) and offers three terabyte of storage space.

Proton has had a busy period lately. The Proton Drive programs over Apple MacOS computers had been released at the end of the previous month. This indicates that every requirement has been met, including the availability of apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and iPadOS. Playing the Proton ecosystem, which consists of the wildly popular Proton VPN, Proton Mail, and Proton Pass, requires a platform with native software support. After all, its rivals provide robust subscription packages as well.

Google offers Gmail, Drive storage ranging from one hundred gigabyte to 2TB, Photos, and a VPN service (which is still in the early stages of launch in India). Microsoft Office 365 comes with a ton of productivity apps, such as Word and Excel, Outlook, One Drive preservation up to one terabyte and Microsoft Defender.

The latest version of Proton Pass incorporates the sophisticated Proton Sentinel security program, increasing the security of encrypted end-to-end password protection and lowering cyberattacks. Additionally, there were connect as well as function refreshes to the iOS as well as iPadOS versions of the Proton Mail app, and the new app is currently within beta testing over Android smartphones and tablets.

Proton affirms that all users of Android devices can now access the Photo Backup feature on Proton Drive. Regarding your iPhone, the only information we currently have is that this feature will be “available afterwards following a closed beta time.”