Home Pakistan News Finja and Vizpro Collaborate to Expand Digital Credit Services for the FMCG Industry

Finja and Vizpro Collaborate to Expand Digital Credit Services for the FMCG Industry

Finja and Vizpro Collaborate to Expand Digital Credit Services for the FMCG Industry


Finja, the top non-banking financial company (NBFC) in Pakistan, as well as Vizpro, a leader in digitizing Fast Going Products (FMCG) supplier collections via its intelligent platform, Vizlink, have inked a strategic alliance. By offering digital financing that complies with Sharia law, this partnership has the potential to completely transform the working conditions for traders and distributors in the FMCG industry and foster the expansion of businesses.

In line with the goals of both companies, Finja will offer merchants in the Vizpro ecosystem cutting-edge digital Islamic lending solutions, facilitating digital payments via Vizlink.

Finja will be smoothly incorporated to be an accounting plugin into Vizpro’s Vizlink software as a result of this partnership. Through this integration, merchants within the Vizpro ecosystem will find it simple to apply for and utilize Finja’s exclusive financial services, which will improve cash flow and spur expansion of their businesses.

Finja’s CEO and co-founder, Qasif Shahid, is excited about the collaboration: “At Finja, we support joint ventures that enhance the world of finance for all parties involved.” This program will help to digitally transform Pakistan’s financial landscape overall while also providing financial empowerment to business owners in the FMCG sector.

When it comes to creating cooperative relationships, Finja has led the way, working with suppliers and FMCG majors alike. An supply chain-led funding ecosystem has been established by this partnership, affecting SMEs in more than 35 cities. Over 30,000 MSMEs have benefited from Finja’s 200,000 loan disbursements totaling over PKR 12 billion.

Akbar Ayub Khan, the CEO and co-founder of Vizpro, discusses the collaboration: “Our partnership with Finja embodies a strategic alignment in our pursuit of establishing a more effortless digital banking landscape.” The absence for funding over Islamic electronic traders has created an apparent hole within this the environment; this joint venture aims to fill that gap and set a precedent over other financial institutions to adhere to.

In the field of digital payments, Vizpro is a trailblazer, empowering unbanked retailers to take center stage in the financial system. Its powerful Vizlink platform, which has already formed a number of strategic alliances, including Finja’s, seeks to revolutionize the retail supply chain. Vizpro has revolutionized the retail supply chain by increasing efficiency and transparency thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of the supply chain model, robust existence in the commerce ecosystem, and ability to make groups of FMCG vendors without money.

The collaboration among Finja as well as Vizpro is a significant step toward developing a digitally advanced, inclusive banking system in Pakistan. These business titans will reshape the way financial services are integrated into FMCG as well as other supply chains by banding together.

“We have more than collaborators; we’re also facilitators of growth,” as Qasif Shahid so eloquently states. We are building the digital currency of the future with Vizpro integrated into Pakistan’s commercial supply chains.

Leading international venture capitalists including VEF, BeeNext, Quona Money, ICU, Sturgeon has Capital, Gray MacKenzie, as well as HBL support Finja, which was founded in 2016. Finja is the only fintech company in Pakistan to hold multiple permits and licenses to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the nation of Pakistan. The company is authorized to operate a P2P lending platform and has a license to function as an NBFC (Non-Banking Economic Company).