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Jubilee Life Insurance Celebrates 5 Years of Empowering Youth through Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP)

Jubilee Life Insurance Celebrates 5 Years of Empowering Youth through Enterprise Challenge Pakistan (ECP)


The biggest insurance provider within the private market within Pakistan, the Jubilee Life Insurance, enthusiastically marked the fifth anniversary of its collaboration in SEED Investments during the the company Question Pakistan (ECP), the nation’s top company competition over students, as well as events hosted that the British the deputy High Commissioner (BDHC) within Karachi, Pakistan. Honourable Mary Mooney, who was the British Acting General the Commissioner, gave the keynote address during the function. Additional presenters attending the conference included Mr. Javed Ahmed, MD and CEO at Jubilee Life Insurance, Mr. Usman Qaiser, Head at Sales & Business Administration at Jubilee Life Insurance, Ms. Shaista Ayesha, CEO at SEED Ventures, & Mrs. Maha Salman, Program Manager for ECP.

Since 2016, SEED Ventures has been implementing Prince’s Trust International’s ECP initiative throughout Pakistan. It’s a nationwide competition for students between the ages of 14 and 18 with the goal of encouraging young people to take an entrepreneurial spirit and become tomorrow’s job creators. Jubilee Life’s collaboration with ECP aligns with its overarching goal of empowering women and youth to reduce social and economic obstacles while embracing and integrating the historically marginalized into society. A discussed commitment to empowering Pakistan’s future generation of leaders lies at the core of this partnership. Jubilee Life Insurance understands how important it is to invest in young people’s minds and provide them with the resources and chances they need to make positive contributions to society. The business has been involved with over 4,000 students from over 100 schools nationwide through ECP over the last five years. Confidence, cooperation, solving issues, making decisions, straightforward discourse, and creative thinking are among the skills attained.

Speaking about the significant development, Mr. Javed Ahmed, MD & CEO of Jubilee Life Insurance, stated: “Our collaboration with SEED Ventures on Enterprise Challenge Pakistan is about more than just funding; it’s about laying the groundwork for the future. We think that young people should be empowered, and ECP has been a fantastic venue to see the incredible abilities and inventiveness that can arise when given the correct chances. Our dedication to fostering the next wave of leaders and change agents and generating positive social impact is demonstrated by this partnership.

Ms. Shaista Ayesha, CEO of SEED Ventures, expressed that collaborating within Jubilee Life Insurance Company for Business Question initiatives felt like embarking on an invigorating journey fueled by shared enthusiasm and dedication. She emphasized that the impact of this partnership reaches far beyond just fostering entrepreneurial skills; it involves planting the seeds of transformation within the minds and hearts of our youth. Through initiatives like ECP, which has evolved into a catalyst for change, thousands of young individuals have been motivated to aspire for significant social changes. Looking ahead, our aim is to reach new heights, continue this exciting expedition with Jubilee Life Insurance, and empower even more young people to script their own success stories.

Jubilee Life Insurance as well as SEED Ventures want to take ECP farther in the future. The program aims to reach 2,000 schools in the five years to come, with 30,000 students from disadvantaged schools in Pakistan among them. This large-scale expansion is a reflection of the dedication to encourage youth creativity,entrepreneurship, and beneficial change.

About Life Insurance by Jubilee:

The biggest insurance provider in Pakistan’s private sector, Jubilee Insurance Company, Ltd. (Nasdaq: JLIC), provides a comprehensive selection of both life as well as health insurance products. As a leader in the insurance sector in Pakistan, Jubilee Life is dedicated to providing innovative and customer-focused solutions.

Regarding SEED Ventures

SEED, a system of growth group focused on improving society, entrepreneurship, and equity, works in Pakistan to create environmentally and socially conscious businesses. The company has over ten years of experience collaborating with various domain players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. One of our initiatives is to advocate for laws and policies that will encourage entrepreneurship.