Home Pakistan News Daraz Connects Local Communities and Small Businesses During 11.11’s Biggest Sale of the Year to Empower Online Business for Everyone

Daraz Connects Local Communities and Small Businesses During 11.11’s Biggest Sale of the Year to Empower Online Business for Everyone

Daraz Connects Local Communities and Small Businesses During 11.11’s Biggest Sale of the Year to Empower Online Business for Everyone


By facilitating hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises’ interactions with South Asian communities on 11.11 Biggest, Daraz encourages the adoption of technology.Over 34 million visitors from Pakistan joined Daraz, the most popular online shopping site in the region, which completed its largest 11.11 Yearly Sales forecast.

Daraz’s goal is to enable everyone to shop online by providing local communities with the greatest deals and selection. Every category on Daraz saw growth this year, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and cosmetics. Customers delighted in receiving discounts on their purchases, demonstrating Daraz’s dedication to enhancing the standard of living in the communities it serves.

During this year’s 11.11 sales, Daraz is committed to supporting 45,000 retailers and brands and helping sellers expand their online businesses. Offering onboarding workshops and introducing new sponsored programs aimed at reducing retailers’ operating expenses allowed Daraz sellers to see a 2X increase in total sales on November 11; on the other hand, female salespeople saw an average increase in sales of more than 170% on November 11 if compared with a non-campaign each day.

Additionally, Daraz has expanded the chances for creators of content to advance their careers and make money; this year’s 11.11 promotion has seen a 4X increase in revenue for creators.

This year, increasing access to underserved areas was also a top priority. During 11.11 this year, Daraz successfully achieved a more than 300% increase in the number of buyers outside of Karachi, Lahore, as well as Islamabad by expanding its transportation network to more cities in Pakistan. Daraz extended its delivery reach to connect additional purchasers and sellers throughout the nation with the aid of its hardware partners, employing over 6,000 cavalry, and is now able to deliver packages up to 1,410 km from Karachi for Konodas (near Gilgit).

In the face of daunting economic challenges, Daraz CEO Bjarke Mikkelsen underscored the pivotal role of the platform, stressing, “In times of soaring prices and uncertain economies, our commitment to fortifying communities through industry becomes even more pivotal.” Over the course of this year, we’ve intensified our dedication to aiding sellers in amplifying their digital enterprises, concurrently enriching the ease, affordability, and gratification of online shopping for consumers. The remarkable triumph of Daraz 11.11 was solely attainable due to the collective backing of partners, purchasers, merchants, brands, manufacturers, and the exceptional Daraz team.

Ehsan Saya, CEO of Daraz Pakistan, stated: “We are extremely proud of Daraz for the significant impact that arises from our large-scale campaigns, particularly during these difficult economic times. These events serve a purpose beyond mere promotion; they are crucial to the support of our sellers and customers throughout Pakistan. We ensure that we gather and examine community feedback each year. We can keep launching new projects and intriguing deals thanks to this procedure, which guarantees that the Pakistani people will benefit from our 11.11 campaign. We are thrilled to offer a unique year-end event to our community in a way that is both positive and motivating as we anticipate the 12.12 event.

During 11.11, a number of significant trends in Pakistan emerged:

  • Fashion is becoming more and more popular; in the first 24 hours, over 150,000 fashion dresses were sold out, particularly among Pakistani women who favored traditional attire.
  • Spices are a great favorite among Pakistanis, who buy them in 1 in 5 grocery stores.
  • Handicrafts are the newest thing. in the first 24 hours, over 330,000 interior and exterior living items were sold, with bookshelves and fairy lights being one of the most popular décor among Pakistanis.

Visit https://www.daraz.pk to learn more about the current deals and discounts, and mark your calendars for the 12.12 Year End Big Sale.

Regarding Daraz Group

Daraz, which was established in 2015, is the top e-commerce platform in South Asia for countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. With the use of cutting edge marketplace technology, Daraz enables more than 650,000 active merchants to connect with a steadily expanding customer base of about 500 million people. Daraz runs the most advanced electronic payment & logistics infrastructure in its markets with Daraz Express & Daraz Pay. By 2030, Daraz wants to lead South Asia in providing services to 50 million consumers and companies.

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