Home Technology China’s Skywall unveils Skyhome, an EV with ‘customized’ movie viewing features. Details

China’s Skywall unveils Skyhome, an EV with ‘customized’ movie viewing features. Details

China’s Skywall unveils Skyhome, an EV with ‘customized’ movie viewing features.  Details


The Skyhome, a hydrogen-powered a sedan to China-based EV manufacturer Skywell, is said to be believed to have a cabin that can compete for an airline’s excellent room.

Inside Skywell’s Skyhome EV (Photo courtesy of Skywell)

However, it should be stated that the Skyhome was merely demonstrated conceptually. However, Skywell claims which the final product will be “95% the same” to the a single that is displayed.


The car is distinguished by its lightweight profile as well as bright, sky-colored, concealed illumination that are connected to the essential DRL bar package. Collectively, the components provide a four-wheel-drive vehicle a nice appearance.

How big is the cabin?

Rear place travelers are able to lower the big, flexible display inside the car through pressing the designated a button. The display is carefully included within the sunroof.

Both of the seats in front had displays beneath them for an additional intimate movie-watching knowledge. The manufacturer has added unique tray the tables beneath the seats in the front, below the screen, as well as a fridge beneath the center encourage to improve your movie-watching experience.

Following a movie, travelers can unwind by transforming the back seats to a flat bed that is next to them and has a foot massage characteristic. The cutting edge lighting efficiency, which perfectly establishes an atmosphere of calm, is the icing on top.

Safety of passengers

In the meantime, the car has sophisticated driver assistance systems (ADAS), such as cruise control, automated brakes for emergencies, lane-keep assistance, etc. to the protection of the passengers.

Strength training

There are going to a pair 617 bhp electric engines driving the Skyhome. The vehicle, according to its maker Skywall, can go from 0 to 3.5 km/h in just three seconds.


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