Home Business BRICS CCI announces program to empower women professionals, entrepreneurs

BRICS CCI announces program to empower women professionals, entrepreneurs

BRICS CCI announces program to empower women professionals, entrepreneurs


BRICS CCI A fresh initiative focused on encouraging women entrepreneurs and professionals to the BRICS nations as well as other friendly nations has been revealed by the women’s section within the BRICS the Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BRICS CCI).

Plans and policies focused on encouraging women in the earth have the main focus of the women’s horizontal, based on a statement published by the BRICS CCI Sisi. the website of the organization, women may enhance relationships with other nations, strengthen their capacity for leadership, and gain essential knowledge from seasoned experts and influential individuals through this initiative.

The CEO of Intelligent the United Arab Emirates Office, Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Natalie Nguyen, the co-founder for APAC DAO, the country of Vietnam, as well as more secretary of the Lok Sabha, Kalpana Sharma, have all agreed to serve as honorary advisors and consultants to the BRICS CCI. The Idea of Youth: Jenny Chen, the founder and chief executive officer of A&J Using Internationally; Noopur the investor, Trustee and co-owner of Changeinkk; Nidhi Goyal, respectively the Managing Partner for Avinav Consulting; Debjani Mookherjee, The founder of Nanighar; as well as Sanjeeva Shivesh, co-owner and Director of ThinkStartup as well as The the schedule.

The press release additionally stated that Sheatwork as well as ThinkStartup will work together in the creation of the application component.

A three-month demanding mentoring and training section focused on creating up companies, market entry tactics, company expansion plan, personal growth plan, and management over international achievement is bringing jointly approximately twenty-five female entrepreneurs and professionals from BRICS and additional friendly nations.

The main body that promotes industry and trade in the BRICS as well as other friendly nations is the BRICS the Chamber of Commerce and Industries (the BRICS nations CCI).

According to the BRICS CCI declaration, outside speakers will provide useful knowledge while improving people’s skills by sharing their knowledge as well as knowledge.

Each week, classes are going to be offered in a hybrid format over the duration of the course. A high-level accreditation issued by the BRICS CCI is going to be provided to all successful subjects, enhancing their educational record.

Professor BBL Madhukar, the head for the BRICS CCI, said, “Well, I believe initiatives such as the BRICS WE worldwide Female Leadership Program have the potential to truly improve the daily lives of women within the globe.”

The BRICS CCI is dedicated to growing female leadership in global commerce, as evidenced by the BRICS WE worldwide Female Management Initiative. Its goal is to give subjects access to top-notch guidance, instruction, and assets. Sapphire Sinha, the leader for BRICS CCI WE, said, “We request striving women leaders to come along with us on a path of enabling development, expertise, as well as motivation.”

Uses to participate in the inaugural system are being accepted to a variety for nations with a small one-time cost for USD $120.

via this page, applicants may submit applications for the BRICS CCI WE worldwide Women Management Program. https://forms.gle/J6rHn3Bxvaf23y8D7