Home Technology How major car companies are providing support to car customers affected by ‘Michaung’

How major car companies are providing support to car customers affected by ‘Michaung’

How major car companies are providing support to car customers affected by ‘Michaung’


Following the devastation triggered by Cyclone Michaung over the past two days, Volkswagen India is reportedly performing an urgent examination of flood affected automobiles in Chennai, according to news agency PTI.

Chennai: On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, after Cyclone Michaung dumped a lot of rain, cars became stuck in an underwater road. (PTI)

In addition to Volkswagen, customers impacted by the hurricane as well as flooding in Tamil Nadu as well as Andhra Pradesh have also received assistance from the carmaker Maruti Suzuki the nation of India, Mahindra and Mahindra, Hyundai Motor, as well as luxury automaker Audi.

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Social media posts featured videos of the city’s residential areas still encircled by standing water from Typhoon Michaung’s intense downpour. Several of the residents could be seen in these videos being trapped inside their houses.

What performed Volkswagen of India assure its clients of?

  • In an effort to guarantee that there will be enough labor and spare parts available to complete the repair work, PTI reports that Volkswagen India has sent significant orders to dealers throughout Chennai.
  • The German carmaker further reaffirmed its promise to promptly resolve flood-related issues found during thorough post-purchase inspections of its models.
  • The business stressed in a statement that it takes a Customer First stance and is committed to providing Roadside Assistance to customers who become stranded.
  • In order to guarantee a timely service experience, the company has issued essential uniformed repair guidelines to all of its businesses and will make sure that there is enough manpower and spare parts available to all of its businesses, according to a statement released by the company on Wednesday.

What other automakers have done:

The company of Suzuki Maruti

Together with its seller partners, Maruti Suzuki India is implementing a number of initiatives within its workshops. As per a PTI report that cited the company’s statement, the company sent out approximately seven lakh SMS alerts detailing precautionary measures to safeguard customers’ vehicles prior to the intense rainfall caused by Cyclone ‘Michang’ in certain regions of Tamil Nadu as well as Andhra Pradesh.

The company acted right away, triggering thirty-four rescue vehicles and forty-six towing vehicles from neighboring towns for prompt response. In order to be prepared, they have also boosted their stock of spare parts as well as collaborated with insurance firms to expedite the processing and payment of claims.

Mahindra and Company

Customers residing in areas impacted by Cyclone Michaung can now receive complimentary roadside assistance, checks, as well as damage assessments from Mahindra & Mahindra, in addition to financial assistance in the form of exclusive discounts.


Free 24/7 roadside assistance is now available for Audi customers’ vehicles in Chennai who have been impacted by Cyclone Michaung’s floods. According to PTI, Audi the nation Head Balbir Singh’s Dhillon stated, that “we make every attempt to help our clientele in the city, especially in light of the unprecedented difficulties that face the city of Chennai.


The CSR division of Hyundai Motor India, known as the Hyundai Motors India Foundation (HMIF), has announced a ₹3 million financial commitment to assist communities in Tamil Nadu that were impacted by Cyclone Michaung. It further stated that the company’s teams are collaborating with state government officials to offer affected communities emergency aid, such as shelter, water, food, medical attention, and other necessities.

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