Home Pakistan News Canadian Immigration Plans: Barrister Shahrukh Abbas, Founder Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, Discusses in Daniyal Sheikh Podcast

Canadian Immigration Plans: Barrister Shahrukh Abbas, Founder Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, Discusses in Daniyal Sheikh Podcast

Canadian Immigration Plans: Barrister Shahrukh Abbas, Founder Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, Discusses in Daniyal Sheikh Podcast


On his show, well-known podcaster and YouTube personality Daniyal Sheikh greeted Shahrukh Abbas Gondal, a Canadian lawyer as well as the owner of Ace Luxury Migration Answers. Daniyal and Shahrukh spoke about a variety of topics from various immigration laws and countries to problems in Pakistan in particular those pertaining to economic and social equality.

Many Pakistanis from different backgrounds have long dreamed of immigrating to Canada, England, Europe, or Australia over an array of causes, including greater possibilities and a brighter future overseas. Yet, this surveillance frequently results in the total denial of uses, the selection of the incorrect scheme, or getting fraud because Pakistan lacks qualified immigration attorneys and advisors.

Pakistanis’ aspirations of moving to Canada as well, the UK, the USA, Australia, as well as Europe have become a reality thanks in large part to Barrister Shahrukh Gondal as well as his group of knowledgeable immigration attorneys situated in Canada, Dubai, Islamabad, and Karachi. There proficiency, understanding of the law, as well as assistance render the difficult process of immigration to Canada easier for them as well as more effective.

In response to a query regarding which is better for immigration—a consultant or an immigration lawyer—Sharkh Abbas said, “An attorney is someone who sets up your visa case and documents it right away in the desired nation as a consultant.” merely gets your file ready and forwards it to a different lawyer in the nation where you wish to file a case. If your case is denied or contested, the consultant is unable to contest it in court; as a result, you should retain legal counsel. If you assign your the event to a lawyer, the attorney may file an appeal with the court on your behalf.

Regarding the primary getting strategies, Mr. Shahrukh Abbas offers guidance. Shahrukh Abbas said his counsel provides

– Exclusive Trade Arrangement

– Permit for Self-employment Work

– Business Launch

– competent immigration

– Program for Entrepreneurs

– Worldwide Skillful Approach

– Visa Launch Program

– Traveling abroad or obtaining a second passport

– Migration of Francophones

– study permit

In response to Daniyal’s question concerning his legal career, Shahrukh Abbas divulged information regarding his schooling in Lahore, his relocation to England to pursue a career as a barrister and solicitor, his newfound residence in Canada, and the establishment of his now widely recognized getting consulting firm. to Pakistan and Dubai, and further global expansion was planned.

In addition to talking more about the getting applications, Daniyal and Shahrukh Abbas additionally addressed a variety of other subjects including Pakistani society, our judiciary, our system of education, our financial commitments, and our way of life. You will can watch the entire podcasts in Daniyal Shaikh’s channel on YouTube.

Concerning Attorney Shahrukh Abbas

the lawyer The Atlantic The group for Businesses leader and current managing collaborate is Shahrukh Abbas Gondal. It actions immigration regulation in the province of Ontario and is triple-certified. He also devotes time living in the United Arab Emirates. the Shahrukh earned a doctorate in business the law to the prestigious University for East London in England. Having worked abroad for almost ten years, he is an expert in getting and immigration laws in Canada, the United Kingdom, as well as the United Arab Emirates. He oversees Ace Capital, a real estate company, and Ace Assistance, a company that specializes in company set up, shipment, as well as real property consulting.

Concerning Ace Luxury Moving Solutions:

A classic legal practice, Ace Luxury Migration Options possesses workplaces in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. The three Canadian immigration attorneys in over 20 years of paired legal expertise lead the team. Ace is aware of the growing interest in immigration to Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean between wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, and highly skilled workers. These areas not only provide outstanding medical care, safety, and safety, but they also make for wonderful family destinations.

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