Home Health & Fitness Ancient Wisdom Part 31: Long life by immunity; many benefits of Chyawanprash, an ancient wonder

Ancient Wisdom Part 31: Long life by immunity; many benefits of Chyawanprash, an ancient wonder

Ancient Wisdom Part 31: Long life by immunity;  many benefits of Chyawanprash, an ancient wonder


Ayurveda places a high value on Chyawanprash, a medicinal elixir derived from Chyavana Rishi, who is which has been widely utilized as the beginning of time. Rasayana, a preserve made from over thirty distinct kinds for medicinal plants, is said to nourish, repair, and revitalize the body. It can also work is wondering for resistance as well as general well-being. People keep these age-old asks within their the kitchen to stay cozy and ward off illness as the cold draws near as well as cases of viral illnesses as well as respiratory illnesses increase. Yes, chyawanprash especially homemade can promote vigor, power, as well as life expectancy. (Also read: prehistoric Wisdom Part 30: Every aspect the health advantages of tea made with chamomile, including how it assists with sleep as well as relieves pain and fatigue.)

Chyawanprash may bolster the human body while restoring how it works. It may additionally lower cholesterol, hinder heart problems, and avoid various metabolic disorders.

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The origin of Chyawanprash additionally has a fascinating history. The two identical brothers of Ashwini Kumar, who were regarded as royal healers of the Gods throughout the Vedic era, are said to have created this herbal potion to age the sage Chyawan Rishi and increase his strength and vitality, based on ancient texts like the Mahabharata as well as the Puranas. In his pursuit of knowledge, Chyavana Rishi has aged, become malnourished, and become feeble. He was able to regain his youth, strength, and power thanks to this amazing medication. The recipe was handed down to succeeding generations over time, and Chyawanprash has been regarded as a reliable source of holistic medicine ever since.

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Indian gooseberry, or amla, is the base for chyawanprash, which is subsequently cooked with at least thirty herbs. This indispensable concoction includes ghee, dashamool, the herbal remedy ash shatavari, varahikand, vidarikand, pushkarmool, giloy, badi has harad, Madhu Pippali, dalchini, tejpatta, nagkesar, choti elaichi, laung, vanshlochan, jaggery, as well as honey. Chyawanprash can strengthen the body and correct its functions. It can also help lower cholesterol, prevent heart problems, and prevent various metabolic issues. It is also crucial for the body’s detoxification. This age-old technique can increase power and strength and even slow down the aging process.

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The Chyawanprash Magic

The term “chyawanprash” emerges from the amalgamation of “chyavana” (the monastic figure’s name) and “prash” (intentional consumption), representing a distinctive concept. Ayurveda introduces the notion of “Rasayana karma,” wherein the body’s fundamental tissue, “rasa,” assumes a crucial role in nourishing all bodily organs and tissues. Dr. Zeel Gandhi, an Ayurvedic specialist, underscores rasa’s pivotal function in sustaining immunity and metabolic processes. Amidst prevalent urban ailments such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, these facets gain immense relevance in today’s urban milieu. Dr. Gandhi emphasizes the need to adapt these age-old principles to cater to the demands and strains of contemporary city living.

Historical association of Chyawanprash

The Charak Samhita, a renowned text, introduces the initial chapter of Rasayan karma and the treatment section known as Chikitsa-sthan. The initial step to good health is for everyone to develop a strong immunity. An exhaustive list of rasayanas made in intricate ways is provided in this chapter. and among them is a very basic Chyavanprash. Chyavana Muni used this avaleha, which is similar to jam, because he was getting too old to continue his sadhana and Ashtang yogabhyas. He was able to regain his virility, reverse the effects of crippling old age, and continue his sadhana in order to achieve liberation when he used this rasayana. This formulation has been passed on with compassion to lessen the anguish of the average citizen, according to Dr. Zeel.

Advantages of Chuwanprash

Some of the beneficial ingredients in Chyawanprash, a herbal blend made with over 40 ingredients, include Amla, Brahmi, The nee Tulsi, Pippali, Kesar, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, which Gokshura, White Sandalwood, Green Cardamom, Arjun, Ghee, as well as Honey.

How does Chyawanprash make your body stronger? The advantages of using Chywanprash are enumerated by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, an Associate Director for Internal Medicine at Paras Health Gurugram.

  • Eating chyawanprash in the winter offers several health advantages and aids in the prevention of infections related to the cold weather.
  • It is true that consuming one spoonful for chyawanprash during the winter months has many health benefits. Amla, the primary ingredient in chyawanprash, has a high vitamin C content that effectively increases immunity.
  • Chyawanprash can prevent infections, coughs, and colds, as well as lower the likelihood of recurring infections, when used regularly.
  • Robust substances like ashwagandha also aid in the treatment of conditions like infertility, arthritis, as well as insomnia.
  • Tulsi’s antioxidant qualities are crucial for those who manage diabetes along with elevated blood pressure.
  • Ghee is well known over its health advantages; it helps with digestion as well as keeps the body warm, especially in the winter.

Chyawanprash holds the esteemed title of Paramottama Rasyana, signifying its status as the supreme Rasayana, as mentioned in the Charak Samhita. This Rasayana is particularly effective in treating coughs and colds. It aids in strengthening the bodies of the frail and weak, particularly the young and elderly. It lessens the doshas of individuals with aging, gout, heart issues, idiopathic polydipsia (pipasa), sperm issues, and urinary issues. It is also advised to administer this Rasayana via the Kuti Praveshik Put simply, Kuti (Hut) Praveshik (Put in) rasayana is the way of life of a monk. as well as the daily commotion, eating straightforward fixed meals, and intentionally consuming Rasayan. When applied in this manner, it reinforces the sense organs, enhances metabolism, improves skin tone, and alters the frailty of old age while also promoting intelligence, memory, brightness, immunity, and longevity. “One emerges from the Kuti (shack) entirely transformed and rejuvenated,” Dr. Zeel claims.

How Chyawanprash was applied historically

According to Dr. Zeel, during the Middle Ages, if tuberculosis was widespread, this avaleha assisted patients develop immunity toward it and avoid it, particularly in the elderly and young.

Chyawanprash, an Ayurvedic herbal concoction, has gained global recognition for its unique taste and manifold health benefits, establishing itself as a popular choice worldwide. Chyawanprash was a common daily supplement in the past, especially for those who took it in the morning. In the past, a tiny amount—typically a teaspoon or the recommended dosage—was taken and combined with warm milk or water. It was thought that by doing this, the medication would be more effective and absorbed by the body. A teaspoon as well tablespoon of Chyawanprash should be combined with some milk or warm water. can enhance the way that herbs are absorbed. Dr. Rajesh adds that it can be consumed raw, added to juice or smoothies, or grew on bread or crackers.

From traditional to contemporary applications

Even now, this herb is often prescribed to help strengthen immunity against minor illnesses such as coughing and colds, particularly in children, and lessen reliance on antibiotics. Because amla is a potent antioxidant, regular use can also postpone age-related changes.

It is very tasty, exquisitely made with well-known Ayurvedic herbs, and very powerful. Although it requires a long list of ingredients, chyavanprash is simple to prepare. Making it yourself can assist in maintaining quality control and following appropriate manufacturing guidelines, according to Dr. Zeel.

Who shouldn’t have chastity marks?

Because chyawanprash is made primarily of natural herbal ingredients, it is generally thought to be secure and helpful for most people. While chyawanprash has medicinal properties, too much of the substance should be averted as it can lead to digestive issues like gas, bloating, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing food, and stomach pain, according to Dr. Rajesh.

It’s crucial to remember that sweeteners like butter, sugar, or honey have incorporated into chyawanprash to give it a smooth, sweet flavor. For this reason, those who have high blood sugar levels should use caution when consuming it. Diabetics ought to assess their levels For those with controlled blood sugar, a daily allowance of roughly 3 grams is appropriate. Individuals who already have medical conditions, particularly those involving the liver, kidneys, or gastrointestinal tract, ought to consult a healthcare professional. prior to eating. chyawanprash because of its herbal makeup, which may result in issues with the stomach,” he continues.

How often to consume chyawanprash

Adults should consume a single teaspoon twice a day, ideally in the morning as well as evening with comfortable milk or water. Children should never use more than half a teaspoon per day. Chyawanprash shouldn’t be consumed with yogurt or milk by those suffering from asthma or other respiratory illnesses, advises Dr. Rajesh.