Home Entertainment Netflix Christmas Watchlist: The 10 best Christmas movies to watch during the holidays

Netflix Christmas Watchlist: The 10 best Christmas movies to watch during the holidays

Netflix Christmas Watchlist: The 10 best Christmas movies to watch during the holidays


Every time December rolls around, my mind immediately jumps to the start of the Christmas festivities. It’s the season for decking out with decorations, exchanging gifts, and indulging in my most cherished desserts!

The top 10 films that you should be enjoying in those you love during the holiday season.

We’ve been rewatching all of the best Christmas films as part of our family’s holiday traditions, and now we’ve compiled the greatest Netflix Christmas Watchlist. The top ten films that you should enjoy watching with your loved ones this holiday season.

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Claus in 2019

Klaus, an English Spanish animates film, is hailed as the greatest Christmas film ever in the streaming service Netflix. It tells the story of a postman who lives in an isolated town in the far north and makes a lasting friendship with a toymaker.

Sincerely, Love (2003)

The film, which explores love the emotion which connects us all is set a few days before Christmas and tells the tales of nine interconnected stories. The characters that are examined include Sarah, an illustrator whose love life is complicated by her brother’s mental illness, Harry, a husband and father who is attracted to his new interesting partner, and David, the attractive newly elected British leader who is searching for an energetic young worker. the administrative assistant.

2020 California Christmas

Many people’s favorite character on X is Joseph, a wealthy and attractive man who poses as a farmer in order to convince Callie, another farmer, to sell the family farm prior to Christmas. The interesting thing is that this couple from everyday life also happens to be a real couple!

Who Was the Killer of Santa Claus? 2022’s Murderville Murder Mystery

Aficionados of Murderville’s spontaneous antics will undoubtedly delight in this one. Terry Seattle, Senior Detective, needs to figure out that killed Santa. The ones you can find here are Jason Bateman as well as Maya Rudolph, his fellow investigators, who portray themselves as naturally spontaneous as the remainder of the ensemble. They must work together to make the investigation easier for them to navigate.

Having Christmas With You in 2022

The film has plenty of fans; some call it sweet, others say it’s cute and fun. It centers on pop singer Angelina, who relocates to an isolated community after growing weary of her job and discovering both the thrill of work and the need for love.

2020: The Happiest Season

When it was released, the initial LGBTQ the holidays movie was an immediate hit. It centers on LGBTQ couple Abby and Harper, who are scheduled to spend the holidays with Harper’s family. The lone twist? Following Harper’s continued silence to her parents, viewers are treated to a romantic comedy that is full of drama, humor, and love.

King of Christmas – 2017

This one has endured over time. It centers on Amber, an undercover journalist who travels abroad to learn more about Prince Richard, the heir apparent. Take a trip with a royal family, a mysterious prince, and a memorable love tale.

2020 Holiday

Holidate, which uses the traditional “let’s make a deal” formula, centers on Sloane and Jackson, who strike an unrestricted agreement that makes them each other’s possessions on all holidays. Obviously, plans don’t always work out as expected.

2018 Holiday Schedule

It centers on Abby, a having trouble photographer who discovers a calendar that foretells both possible love and the future.

2018’s Changing Princess

A Parental Dilemma Your tender and romantic heart will be delighted by The Princess Switch, a Christmas film in which two identical women—a princess and a baker—swap puts as well as discover love.