Home Business Meta is betting on India’s ‘Gen Z’ Instagram users to drive trends in 2024

Meta is betting on India’s ‘Gen Z’ Instagram users to drive trends in 2024

Meta is betting on India’s ‘Gen Z’ Instagram users to drive trends in 2024


Searching ahead to 2024, tech giant Meta anticipates that Indian ‘Gen Z’ consumers will set worldwide the social network patterns. In general, “Gen Z” refers to people who emerged among 1996 as well as 2010. It should be regular consumers of the internet provided their young ages. the social network Meta is placing a significant wager on this market.

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It ought to come to be expected that this conversation-starting trend is trending. India is by far Instagram’s biggest market. Research firm Statista released statistics earlier this year that indicate almost 230 million (as well as calculating) of the world’s active users on a daily basis are from India. The United States (143.35 million items), the nation (113.5 million), as well as Indonesia (89.15 million) round out the top four countries.

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“As they eagerly investigate novel topics and trends in a variety of fields, Indian Generation Z is demonstrating their inventiveness and spirit of entrepreneurship. This knowledge demonstrates their unwavering devotion to both self-improvement and their chosen fandom. Additionally, while Gen Z in India shares many traits with its counterparts worldwide, these trends also highlight certain areas in which it differs and is special, according to the Paras Sharma, Meta’s head for The content as well as Social Media Engagement within India, within a press release.

According to a the social network Developments Conversation questionnaires, 43% of participants believe that 2024 will be a turning point in their journey toward self-improvement and a year when they make investments in their own personal development. Indian Gen Z internet users are more likely than users in any other nation to believe that starting and operating a company of their own is the most effective way to make money.

According to Meta, there will be “a lot more material – life guidance, every day ‘day-in-the-life’ material as well as material about their occupations” among Indian users. This has to do with friendships with athletes, celebrities, or even other creatives.

Beyond just their profession choices, the nation’s Gen Z puts a social media trend. It’s a social component that encourages a feeling of community within a “fandom”. When it comes to cricket as well as soccer, nation, club, and football combined, Meta claims that India possesses the greatest number of fundamental sports fans among Gen Z to other nations.

According to Meta, the most well-liked teams include the Indian Cricket, also known as Team, the city of Barcelona, Real Madrid, the Chennai Super Kings, and Royal Challengers Bangalore. This trend is anticipated to persist through 2024. The International Cricket Council’s T20 cricket world cup, the African Cup for Nations football competition, as well as the next Indian Premier League cricket cricket tournaments are a few of the anticipated sporting highlights.

Meta data reveals a military of the BTS, Swift fans, AR Rahman, Shreya is Ghoshal, who, as well as Anirudh in plenty, going beyond the sport of cricket, football, and sports in general. like fans of Roblox, Fortnite, which is Call of Duty, as well as Minecraft.

Other trends that are predicted to gain traction in 2024 include the following: nearly half of India’s Gen Z users on Instagram have an interest in do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion, over a third of them find “bad taste in memes” offensive, and they like to explore new foods and components.

According to Meta, this knowledge relies on a poll of almost 5,000 participants from the US, UK, Brazil, India, South Korea, and forecasting trend business WGSN as well as Instagram as well. In light of the year to come, the questions covered Gen Z’s viewpoints on the internet, employment, dating, fashion, as well as beauty as well as food.