Home Entertainment Jennifer Lawrence dismisses plastic surgery rumours: ‘I’m just aging gracefully’

Jennifer Lawrence dismisses plastic surgery rumours: ‘I’m just aging gracefully’

Jennifer Lawrence dismisses plastic surgery rumours: ‘I’m just aging gracefully’


Regarding all the rumors floating around regarding plastic surgery, Jennifer Lawrence has cleared the air. in an earlier interview, the acclaimed Hunger Games star retaliated, refuting rumors that she had cosmetic surgery and blaming her youthful appearance on skillful makeup application and ageing gracefully.

To Tuesday, the 26th of September 2023 within the city of Paris, Jennifer Lawrence presents in front to the Christian Dior spring and summer 2024 female clothing the collection. (Thibault, who Camus/AP Image)

Jennifer Lawrence says she has never had cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer Lawrence dismissed speculation about undergoing plastic surgery by highlighting the remarkable abilities of makeup to bring about transformation. She emphasized the collaboration with makeup artist Hung (Vanngo), likening his skills to that of a plastic surgeon. Lawrence marveled at the results, noting that within the short period of working together, people had mistaken her enhanced appearance for having undergone eye surgery.

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The Red Sparrow, on the actress reiterates that she is merely applying makeup and is not undergoing eye surgery. After attending the Dior Fashion Show, there were rumors that Jennifer Lawrence had undergone plastic surgery. Internet users quickly noticed that she had changed significantly from her prior appearance.

Addressing critics online, the actress dismissed allegations of having undergone cosmetic procedures, attributing her transformed appearance solely to the process of graceful aging. Jennifer clarified that her physical changes from 19 to her thirties were natural, supported by comparison photos. Refuting assumptions about a nose job, she emphasized that while her face evolved naturally after losing baby weight, her nose remained unaltered, only her cheeks slimming down. She expressed appreciation for the discussion.

In response to rumors about Jennifer Lawrence having plastic surgery, Kylie Jenner has spoken out to argue her favor.

Kylie Jenner, who has been in the public eye since that she became a teenager, consoled Lawrence by saying that she understood his situation. She acknowledged that it was challenging to put up with people praising your appearance all the time.

Following this revelation, Kylie openly acknowledged, “I’ve had lip enhancements, and I’m perfectly fine with that decision.” She elaborated, “I intend to compare my appearance in photos from when I was 12 years old to those taken at 26 to observe the changes in my eyebrows. Reflecting on my balcony, I ponder the stark contrast between my experiences at the age of twelve and the realization that I underwent procedures to remove false eyelashes and reshape my chin.”

The Winter Issue 2023 cover star of Interview, Kylie Jenner, stated that she has never wavered in her confidence and added that she has no plans to change now that she is a mother.