Home Entertainment Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa flaunt their muscles: ‘I prefer a leather suit myself’

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa flaunt their muscles: ‘I prefer a leather suit myself’

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa flaunt their muscles: ‘I prefer a leather suit myself’


Jason Momoa as well as Chris Hemsworth got into a heated argument in the internet when the comedian made fun of Momoa’s physique. Jason just uploaded a brief video for the social networking site Ti while dressed to be Aquaman, a (Often looked at | The movie trailer for Furiosa shows Anya Taylor-Joy’s ascent within the Mad Max movie series when she faces off with the unstoppable Chris Hemsworth.

Jason Momoa as well as Chris Hemsworth played in the internet.

Jason plays with Chris

Jason’s bends the muscles as well as asks the reporter, “What is up, The actor?” in the clip. Examine that **** carefully. I didn’t have to labor; you performed (laughs).” The post’s caption read, ” Consume your feelings away @Chris Hemsworth.”

Jason posted a short clip wearing his Aquaman costume.
Jason uploaded a brief video of himself dressed as Aquaman.

In response to Jason’s video, Chris

Chris took to his TikTok account to engage with the video, responding to the clip in a lively manner. He said excitedly, That’s amazing Jason, this padded gown is amazing. Injecting a bit of humor, he added, “I’m more into a sleek leather look myself,” punctuating it with laughter while showing off his muscles. Then, in a softer tone, Chris whispered to the camera, “You’re awesome, Aquaman.” Accompanying a photo, he captioned it with playful uncertainty, writing, “Are you really @Jason Momoa???” Emojis depicting strong biceps and tears of joy filled his caption, adding to the playful vibe.

Responding to the clip, Chris shared the video on his TikTok account.
Chris discussed the video in his account on TikTok in response to this clip.

Jason appears in DC films as Aquaman

In the 2016 film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jason played Aquaman. After that, he starred in Zack Snyder’s superhero films Justice League (2021) and Aquaman (2018). The film Aquaman as well as the Lost Kingdom will feature him next. This superhero film is based on the Aquaman character from DC Comics. It is the fifteenth and last chapter in the DC Increased Universe (DCEU) and the follow-up to Aquaman (2018). Alongside Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen 2, as well as Nicole Kidman, the film is directed by James Wan.

Many have viewed Chris as Thor

The Avengers: The Movie (2012), Thor and The World of Darkness (2013), The Avengers: Age for Ultron, also known (2015), the film Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Avengers: Endgame (2019), as well as Thor: The Dark Side (2022) were the films in which Chris portrayed Thor.

Regarding Chris’s next movie

Chris’s next role will be with Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa. The movie, which is helmed by George Miller, will open in theaters in 2024. In the recently released trailer, Anya Taylor-Joy dons a head scar to assume the title of Imperator Furiosa, a formidable war captain portrayed by Charlize Theron in 2015.a movie with action.

The fifth book in George Lucas’s Mad Max series, the prequel comes fresh Furiosa as she emerges from the Green Place over Many Mothers and faces a dark and dangerous world. Tom Burke is among the film’s stars.

You can access the official synopsis at Warner Bros. According to the YouTube channel, “Warlord Dementus leads the formidable Biker Horde that kidnaps Young Furiosa out of the Greene Place of A lot Mothers in a bursting world. While exploring the wasteland, they come across The Immortan Joe’s Castle. In the midst of a competition between two rulers, Furiosa must overcome numerous obstacles in order to obtain the supplies he requires to find his home.” Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, an updated title, was also verified.

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