Home Business Center looking into Nanded airport issue on priority: Jyotiradtiya Scindia

Center looking into Nanded airport issue on priority: Jyotiradtiya Scindia

Center looking into Nanded airport issue on priority: Jyotiradtiya Scindia


During the onset of the winter parliamentary session in New Delhi, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiradtiya Scindia highlighted that the nation’s pilot training institute is set to accelerate its growth in the forthcoming period.

Speaking in the House of Representatives on Monday, the inaugural week of the wintertime meeting of Parliament was announced by Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. (PTI image)

In the PM’s direction, a nation with just 74 airfields in sixty-five years will soon boast 149 terminals, helicopter pads, as well as water houses. In the past nine as well as a half years, we have surpassed that number, and our top goal is to continue rising. The number of aircraft has also increased: 500 aircraft have been ordered by Indigo, and 470 by Air India. We are going to work on expanding this capacity in the upcoming days,” Scindia stated.

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The Maharashtra government reclaimed five terminals, including Nanded, from the company Reliance Industries Airport Developers (RADPL) led by Anil Ambani. Speaking about the airport’s issues, Scindia stated that poor revenue earned by the airlines and private developers and she had been assigned in the facility caused problems with runway activities.

The advisory committee has extensively debated this subject on multiple occasions. Following the initiation of activities at Nanded airport, several airlines encountered financial challenges, leading to the reduction of specific flight services. Despite these setbacks, our government deems the establishment of connections to Nanded as a paramount objective. This is due to Nanded’s significance not only as a crucial area in Maharashtra but also as a pivotal site for the Sikh community, as highlighted by Scindia.

He continued by saying that a few of the problems are not related to the airlines, adding that the airport was turned over to a private company that was unable to finish the job.

Since the airport isn’t subject to the federal government, it was turned over to the private sector. The state government is the owner of it. To date, the Airports Authority of India has not received any fees from the private sector. I’m talking with the state administration as well, and we think we can start the path at the airfield if the government of Maharashtra can handle it and get people interested,” Scindia stated.

In response to a question about why just seven percent of the approved routes were still able to maintain operations in India after the three-year agreement’s expiration, Scindia stated that PM Modi’s efforts have resulted in the restoration of numerous pathways that had been removed from the country’s air map.

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, 76 airfields previously excluded from India’s aviation map have become operational through the Udan scheme. This initiative has opened up flying opportunities for 1.3 lakh passengers who never imagined they could take to the skies. The current operation of 2.75 lakh flights across India is a testament to PM Modi’s visionary approach, evident in the substantial central government funding allocated to support this program. Notably, nine runways have been constructed, with six specifically made possible by the Udan initiative. This comprehensive effort has unified the once considered remote northern region of India, bridging geographical disparities and bringing it into the mainstream.