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Why do young women get breast cancer?

Why do young women get breast cancer?


Many factors contribute to the rising incidence of breast cancer in young people, but awareness is the primary cause. As a result of increased awareness, more young people are getting screened for breast cancer, which is contributing to the rising incidence of the disease. identified in them at an early stage.Why does breast cancer strike young women? (Image credit: Elina Fairytale)

During an HT Lifestyle interview, Dr. Vinu Sarathy, an oncologist consultant at Baptist Hospital in Bangalore, India, emphasized a notable shift in breast cancer patterns. Formerly considered a disease predominantly affecting those over 50 or 60, screening now frequently targets women above 40, resulting in heightened detection rates. Dr. Sarathy attributed this increase to contemporary lifestyle alterations such as sedentary behavior, a more Westernized diet rich in fats and lacking in fiber, inadequate physical activity, and increased stress levels. He also highlighted a surge in breast cancer occurrences, particularly in negative or HER2-positive cases, which were previously less prevalent among older women. Furthermore, Dr. Sarathy mentioned that around 5–10% of these cases stem from genetic or familial factors.

Dr. Vinu Sarathy noted, “In earlier times, the detection rate was one or two out of ten women,” emphasizing that breast cancer screening has not gained much traction in our society. At least 4 out of 5 women nowadays inquire about risk factors or inquire about family members who have received a breast cancer diagnosis. More women should volunteer for screening, and the numbers ought to rise. Regarding risk once more, we’ve observed that people seeking information because a member of their family has been diagnosed with breast cancer are the ones who willingly come to be screened.

compared to various cancers, such as cancer of the mouth, where people choose to get checked out before or after they are identified, this isn’t the case with breast cancer, he explained. Women typically volunteer for screening only after learning that a friend or relative has been diagnosed with breast cancer. They participate and contribute, but only to a limited degree. It is well known that there are two risk factors that lead to breast cancer. Genetics, prior radiation exposure, etc., are among the first. In addition, it is well known that the use of birth control pills and environmental factors raises the incidence of breast cancer by 1.3 to 2 times compared to the population without these risk factors in place.

Dr. Vinu Sarathy concluded that despite claims of a 40 to 60-fold increased risk of breast cancer due to certain factors, the actual impact might not be as substantial. While acknowledging the risk for individuals exposed to these factors, the elevated likelihood for those with these risks is only 1.5 to 2 times higher. Thus, advocating for a stress-free, nutritious, physically active, aerobic, and overall healthy lifestyle remains crucial. Presently, significant focus in clinical drug trials is directed towards Asian and Indian populations to deepen our understanding of cancer dynamics, with India hosting the majority of ongoing breast cancer trials.

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