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Now You Can Calculate Your Hajj Cost Online, Here’s How

Now You Can Calculate Your Hajj Cost Online, Here’s How


The government of Pakistan has taken steps to address the confusion surrounding the expenses related to the Hajj for the coming year. They have introduced an online calculator on the website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Religious Harmony, allowing individuals to enter details about their Hajj package to determine the actual cost. This plan aims to provide clarity, especially considering the introduction of multiple payment categories.

To make the Hajj journey more financially accessible, the federal government, represented by the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Aneeq Ahmed, has announced a huge reduction of one lakh rupees in the government’s Hajj expenses.

In addition, new allowances have been introduced, such as pilgrims being allowed to bring a 30 kg coat each, and female pilgrims receiving a scarf (Abaya) decorated with the national flag.

In the field of technology, a mobile application has been developed to assist pilgrims with navigation and facilitate regular communication between pilgrims and relevant officials of Pakistan. Furthermore, the connection of Islamabad and Karachi in the Saudi Arabia to Makkah Road project has been emphasized. This connection is designed to simplify immigration procedures for pilgrims within Pakistan.

Aneeq Ahmed also shared that Pakistan has been allocated 179,000 Hajj seats, half of which are to be filled by private Hajj operators. However, he assured that the ministry will closely monitor these private servants to ensure the welfare of the pilgrims they serve.

The government has set a period for receiving Hajj requests, starting from November 27 and continuing until December 12. In particular, for the first time, the government has introduced a Short Hajj package, allowing pilgrims to complete the religious service in 20-25 days.

In contrast, the long Hajj package lasts 38-42 days, including an 8-day stay in Medina. It has been explained by the government that the Short Hajj Package is more expensive than the Long Hajj package, giving people different options according to their wishes and available time.