Home Entertainment Brad Pitt looked ‘unnerved’ in Los Angeles after his son Pax’s comments resurfaced

Brad Pitt looked ‘unnerved’ in Los Angeles after his son Pax’s comments resurfaced

Brad Pitt looked ‘unnerved’ in Los Angeles after his son Pax’s comments resurfaced


Brad Pitt, making his first public appearance since the post’s resurfacing, seemed unfazed by his son Pax’s caustic remarks about him being a “world class a**hole”.

Brad Pitt is not commenting on the family’s public drama, even in light of his son’s candid remarks. Rudy Carezzevoli/AFP/Getty Pictures (Image courtesy of Getty Images via AFP / Rudy Carezzevoli / GETTY PHOTOS NORTH AMERICA)(AFP via Getty Photos)

The star known for their role in “Bullet Train” savored a leisurely drive through Los Angeles, relishing the sleek comfort of their new $200,000 electric Porsche Taycan. Pausing briefly for a meeting at an office building, they later returned to their luxurious vehicle.

The famous actor from Hollywood wore a brown linen shirt with big pockets and a casual look. He wore a straw hat to protect his eyes from the sun and left the buttons on top and bottom ajar. She added worn white shoes to finish her ensemble.

Brad was very courteous to the valet, giving him a $20 bill before he got into his fancy car and drove off. According to reports, he was “hurt” by his adopted son Pax’s 2020 social media post calling him “a horrible dad” and “a hole in the world.”

He made a scratchy voicemail “Happy Dad!” to this truly remarkable individual!You continue to present yourself as an awful and disgusting person every time.” You show no empathy or care for your four youngest children, who shudder in their presence due to fear. You are incapable of comprehending the harm you have caused to my family, so you will never be able to do so.

Recent resurfacing of the dad’s day 2020 post has Brad upset and frustrated. Brad’s friends attribute the discord between him and his three adopted children to his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. He was charged with “parental exclusion.”

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Although Pax shared the post, friends of the former couple pointed out that it was to three years prior and that circumstances might have altered since then.

Friends who know the couple well commented, “The Instagram post is disappointing and sad because it fails to make things more at ease.”

According to the Daily Mail, Brad remained indifferent to public opinions about him, prioritizing solely the perspectives of children. Publicly, he scarcely mentioned them and refrained from speaking negatively about any child.

In addition, Angelina was described as “a textbook example of parental alienation.” They claimed that because Brad “doesn’t want to get into a fight” with her, he remained silent about the family drama. This comes after a heated custody battle that saw Brad awarded visitation rights and Angelina awarded custody of their six children.

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